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Fondis C25S Cellar Air Conditioning Unit

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A through the wall/window style wine cellar air-conditioning unit, suitable for insulated and air-tight wine cellars up to 25 cubic metres. The unit provides 'heating' and 'cooling' to condition your wine cellar at between 10°C - 14°C even if ambient temperatures around the wine cellar are very cold.

The unit can only vent internally into another room, hallway, garage, or similar but not outside. The venting room needs to be of adequate size and ventilated in order to cool the warm air which is expelled through the top vent into this room/area. You cannot for example vent through into a cupboard or small enclosed room. The ideal temperature of the evacuation room should ideally be around 20°C. Further information about venting can be obtained in the installation guide under the 'data sheets' tab.

The unit is attractive in colour & design and is quiet in operation.

Important notes: If installing through a thick internal wall you must ensure access to the filter at the rear of the underside of the unit is possible for maintenance. In this situation the wall if more than 22cm thick needs to be bevelled above and below the unit, see 'data sheets' for further information.

There is a condensate tube which is located at the bottom right hand side of the unit inside the wine cellar. This needs to be drained into a suitable container or to a local drain. Please ensure the tube does not sit at the bottom of your container.

The unit is supplied with the wooden support frame through which the unit is installed.

Please call the office if you require any advice on selecting the right Fondis wine cellar air-conditioning unit for your application.




Fondis Air Conditioning Units

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Installation Guide (C25_C25S_C25sr.pdf, 506 Kb) [Download]

Data Sheet (Information_Sheet_C25_(2).pdf, 405 Kb) [Download]

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