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Fondis SP100/4.5 Cellar Air Conditioning Unit

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The Fondis SP100 is an ideal solution if your wine cellar is located in a basement/underground as the system is split with a 4.5 metre electric and refrigerant flexible cable seperating the indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit being installed on a wall bracket.

The units offers substantial cooling power for insulated and air-tight cellars up to 100 cubic metres. There are only 2 connections to be made, with an exit hole to be drilled of only 70mm diameter which is required for the cables.

The indoor unit is free-standing and has an easy to use electronic thermostat with digital display which is already pre-set to 12°C and is adjustable between 12°C-25°C.

The only maintenance required is to ensure the dust filter is kept clean which should be carried out every 3 months. This is located on the l/h side of the external unit. For full specification, installation instructions etc. please see 'Instructions for use' which can be found by clicking on the 'Data Sheets' tab.

Please note:  The condensate tube on the r/h side of the indoor unit, can either be routed to a local drain (preferred) or into a suitable container however please ensure the tube doesn't sit at the bottom of the container.





Fondis Air Conditioning Units

Split system (internal & external unit)
2 Years
Wall brackets & 4.5m of connecting hose

User Guide (sp100_instructions.pdf, 971 Kb) [Download]