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We are the UK'S leading distributor for Liebherr wine cabinets and are now in our 21st year of selling their range. We also import and stock a large range from Climadiff, Le Chai & Caviss. We know our wine cabinets/wine coolers and can offer suitable advice and recommendations when trying to decide which wine storage cabinet will be most suitable for your requirements and application.

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Wine Cabinets/Coolers/Fridges

We supply a wide range of wine cabinets, also referred to as 'wine coolers' or 'wine fridges' for most requirements whether it be 'free-standing', 'under-worktop' 'in-column' or 'built-in column'. Typically they can be located anywhere in the home, including the kitchen, utility room, dining room, lounge or garage/outbuilding.

Some cabinets e.g. in the Climadiff range, have as standard a 'winter system' which means the cabinet will operate in low ambient conditions down to zero (0°C to +32°C) and are therefore suitable for use in a garage/outbuilding. This is not saying you cannot store a Liebherr in the garage as this may be the onlylocation you have for a cabinet. In this situation you would require a plug in heater for the winter/colder months, in order to maintain an ambient temperature of +10°C or above in the garage/outbuilding.

The wine cabinets we sell are from the top manufacturers in Europe and around the world and are therefore reliable, energy efficient, well built, stylish & quiet. The type of cabinet you require will depend on its location and required use. We have a very large range across our 4 brands/suppliers, with a large variety of single, multi and zoned cabinets. Typically the single temperature cabinets are for good quality wine which requires ageing/laying down for a number of years whereas the multi-temperature cabinets offer a combination of wine stored ready to serve and a small area for ageing. The zoned cabinets are more often used for storing wine at ready to serve temperatures albeit Red, White, Rose or Champagne/Sparkling wines.

To compliment the cabinets we also offer a range of accessories which include: extra shelves sliding/storage/presentation, label holders for shelves, spare filters, locks etc. 

Of course we have an extensive knowledge of wine cabinets and will always provide the appropriate advice to ensure that you get the wine cabinet most suited to your requirements and budget.