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Liebherr Wine Cabinets

Liebherr Wine Cabinets


Vinidor Cabinets

Top of the range, 2 & 3 zone cabinets in stainless steel.

Grand Cru

Grand Cru Cabinets

Single temperature cabinets from 12 to 312 bottles.


Vinothek Cabinets

Single and Multi-temperature cabinets

Liebherr Accessories

Liebherr Accessories

Genuine Liebherr Accessories.

Brochure DownloadPlease download the Liebherr brochure for further details of the full wine cabinet range.

Please note that some of the cabinets shown in the brochure are not available in the UK.

This website lists all the cabinets that are available in the UK.

Additional information regarding Liebherr Wine Cabinets can be found here

The ideal storage temperatures for wine

Liebherr Wine Cabinet temperature ranges