Bespoke Wine Racks/Cellars

Premium 'Solid Hardwood' & Redwood Wine Racks

Using the very finest solid Hardwood or high quality Redwood these custom built wine racks are designed to give you practical storage with the added beauty of a piece of handmade furniture, giving you the very ultimate in wine racking. 

Redwood cellar installation

Redwood cellar installation (Dark Oak Stain)

Hardwood Cellar

Hardwood cellar installation (White American Oak)


Whether you just require a small standard rack for your home or a complete custom fit wine cellar we can provide a solution. We have an in-house wine racking designer who can from an accurate drawing or from measurements taken during our site survey, design, along with your input a complete racking layout using the components available in our range. Our racks can accommodate single bottles, half, magnum, jeroboams, imperial’s and even larger bottles if you have them in your collection. Our storage solutions also include: storage for cases which pull out on drawer runners, angled display bottles, wine storage cubes, glasses/decanter cabinets, shelving, led lighting and more….

We can just supply products off the shelf for self assembly or we can install complete racking solutions as shown above and in our photo gallery.

Racks are available in Redwood (Pine) and three different types of solid hardwood: ‘White American Oak’ ‘Black Walnut’ and ‘Ash’ all of which are solid and not veneered.

The Redwood can be left natural or can be stained in a choice of four different colours as seen in our traditional wine racking section.

The main difference between the two wood options is that the Redwood is a lighter, less durable material compared to the hardwood but bearing this in mind the Redwood still looks great as you can see from the wine cellar installation photos in our gallery. You will also get some knots in the Redwood which you won’t get with any of the hardwood options.

If your budget can stretch to hardwood we would highly recommend choosing this material, if not Redwood is fine. Both materials/components give exactly the same capacity, it is purely a question of cost, material choice and overall appearance of your wine racking/finished cellar which will determine the wood you order.

Browse through our Photo Gallery to view previous racking installations we have undertaken.


Hardwood Options

Wine Rack Wood Options

Please note: Samples are available on request, including all colour options for the Redwood

Wine Racks

Both hardwood and Redwood wine racks are available for the following bottle sizes: Standard, Half, Champagne, Magnum, Jeroboam, Imperial, Others on request……

Wine Rack Depths

The Hardwood and Redwood racks are available in the following depths:-

Single Standard Depth : 228mm (bottle neck protuding)

Single Standard Depth : 300mm (bottle enclosed)

Double Depth : 600mm (1 bottle behind the other)

Assembly and Wine Racking Height

The racks are built in ladder form and are supplied assembled but please bear in mind access from the delivery vehicle to where the wine rack will be situated, to ensure the rack/s will fit.

Due to the weight of the wine and for support purposes there is a height limit for the number of bottle holes we can manufacture a rack before we need to split the rack and make it in two/three sections.

For Redwood wine racks the maximum height is 10 bottle holes i.e. if you require a 24 bottle high rack we will need to make this in three columns 8 rows high each to be secured one rack on top of the other in order to provide the appropriate support for the wine.

For hardwood wine racks the maximum height is 12 bottle holes i.e. if you require a 24 bottle high rack we will need to make this in two columns 12 rows high each, to be secured one rack on top of the other. 

Please note: We try to design /make the split racks in equal sections for aesthetics purposes and so you have equal spacing between the joins.

Racks can also be manufactured to fit within irregular shaped areas i.e. under the stairs, as the bottle holes can be stepped up or down in order to fit underneath the slope/angle of the stair case.