Premium Racking Plinths

Premium Hardwood and Redwood Wine Rack Plinths

Premium Racking Plinth

These are positioned on the floor directly underneath the racking to provide support, a level surface to build the racks upon and they also complement the racking and keep the bottom row of bottles off the floor. The plinth has a hollow base with a 50mm x 20mm thick framework which provides the support. The top is constructed from 20mm thick laminated boards.


The finished plinth will be flush at the back and on the sides and front there is a 20mm overhang. Please note: the construction of the plinth may differ when we carry out a full racking installation.

Our standard height is 70mm and the depth is determined by the depth of the lower level racking i.e. if you choose Redwood case racks on the lower level, which are 530mm depth the plinth will also be 530mm depth or if you choose 300mm depth cubes on the lower level the plinth will be 300mm depth.

We can make the plinth slightly lower/higher if preferred or to work around any pipes, skirting boards, tiled upstands etc…


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