Premium Racking Worktops

Between the lower and top level wine racking we install/supply a worktop/shelf. This is manufactured from laminated boards and is 26mm thick. The depth of the worktop is determined by the depth of the lower level racking i.e. if you have Hardwood case racks on the lower level which are 530mm deep the worktop will be 540/545mm depth as we leave a slight lip/overhang at the front.

Typically this is manufactured from the same wood as the wine racking you select however if you choose Redwood wine racking the worktop is always hardwood ‘Ash’ as it is a useable surface and therefore needs to be more durable.  Please note: For Redwood only there will be a slight colour variance between your wine racking and the worktop due to the different materials.

If you choose hardwood wine racking the worktop will always match.

Please note: Even though the worktops are oiled they are still porous therefore you must be careful not to spill any wine or other liquid on them.

Options: (LED Lighting)
You can as an option if you would like some mood/effect lighting have some led lighting strips routed into the underside of the overhang at the front of the worktop.





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