Custom Made Traditional Wine Racks

Bespoke Traditional Wine Racks

These racks are strong, attractive and very versatile in design. They are constructed from 18-gauge bright galvanised steel frames with solid Pine staves. They provide large capacity storage and are exceptionally durable.

Traditional wine rack under stairs

We can construct racks to suit your own particular requirements, to fit any size, shape or space; complete cellars, under stairs, in cupboards etc.

Traditional Wine Racks can be made for standard size bottles (.75cl) half bottles or magnums. Standard depth is 228mm (bottle neck protruding) 300mm depth (bottle enclosed) and double-depth racks (one behind the other)

Please note: With the double depth racks the bottle at the front has the neck protruding.

Sizes & Weights

Typically if one rack is over approximately 200 bottles it will need to be split into sections due to the size and weight of the rack and also for access purposes into the property. If the rack requires splitting in width we will notify you and advise you of the sizes each section will be.

The split sections are then delivered and once in situ they are joined together with the connecting kits supplied. Each kit will have a set of instructions on how to join the racks. Once joined together the sections will form your complete rack.

Please note: The racks can be joined in width and height. For example: If you require a 25 hole high rack, we would supply two racks, both 12 holes high. Then with the connecting kits supplied you would join the 2 racks together to make the additional row of holes, to make your 25 high rack.


There are fixing holes in each corner of the rack and also half way up on either side. You can screw through these holes and into the wall/area behind. If you require additional fixing points/holes please let us know.

Please note: We would not recommend suspending your rack from the wall due to the weight of the rack and added weight when full of wine. If your rack does have to be suspended for any reason you must ensure you have adequate support underneath to bear the weight.

Rack Colour

If not specified the wooden staves on the wine rack will be natural pine but for no additional charge we can stain these staves in a choice of four different colours; please see options below.


We would recommend standing your traditional wine rack on a plinth to keep the lower level bottles off the floor and to prevent accidental kicking of the bottle necks in the first row. The addition of a plinth also complements your rack(s). Plinth details are shown below the price list.

Extras/Label tags

If you have a large quantity of individual bottles or you would just like to identifiy your wine without removing it from the wine rack, labels tags are the ideal solution. Each tag has two writable sides, one side with green grapes for your white wine and the other side with red grapes for your red wine. Included in each box of 100 tags is a marker pen so you can clearly label each tag to make identifying each bottle much easier. Further details are shown below the plinths.


Custom Made Traditional Wine racks


Traditional Wine Rack Colour Options

 Wine Rack Colour Options


Traditional Wine Rack Prices

Traditional Racking Price List :
Standard Wine Racks (0.75 litre bottles) 228mm depth £1.10 per hole
Magnum & ½ bottle Wine Racks 228mm depth £1.10 per hole
Irregular Shaped Racks including ½ bottle 228mm depth £1.10 per hole
Standard Wine Racks 300mm depth £1.22 per hole
Magnum Wine Racks 300mm depth £1.50 per hole
Irregular Shaped Racks including ½ bottle & Magnum 300mm depth £1.22 per hole
Standard Double Depth 535mm £1.90 per hole
Standard Double Depth 535mm (Irregular Shaped) £1.90 per hole
Magnum Double Depth 535mm £2.10 per hole
Plinth: single depth 300mm (min 1 metre) £65.00 per metre
Plinth: double depth 535/600mm (min. 1 metre) £90.00 per metre
Plinth: Champagne double depth 650mm (min. 1 metre) £100.00 per metre
Connecting Kits £6.50 each
Delivery Charges are dependent on quantities ordered & the delivery address.
All prices include VAT.