Vinicase Wine Racks

The Authentic Burgundy Wine Cellar

Limestone Wine Racking


  • NO FIXINGS REQUIRED (Ideal for tanked cellars)
  • EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY (approx cost £4 per bottle stored)

Download the Vinicase Brochure (pdf 841kb)


For professional and private cellars.


This is the ultimate wine storage system, made of reconstituted limestone rock from the quarries at Comblanchien, in the Cotes de Nuits, Burgundy. The natural, discrete, colour of the Comblanchien stone enhances the aesthetic appeal of the Vinicase components.
The quality and density of the material provides a temperature stability around the bottles, resulting in an excellent storage environment.


The unique shape of the Vinicase draws its inspiration from the old prestigious cellars in various wine-growing areas of France. The sobriety and perfect design of the vault and sides accentuate the character and atmosphere of the wine cellar.


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Design & Installation

We offer a free of charge design service for this racking. In order to provide the racking designs for each wall we will require a basic floor plan with measurements, including the ceiling height/s where applicable.

If there are any pipes, sockets, skirtings etc where you are proposing to fit the racking, please indicate this on your drawings or in the covering email.

We will then produce designs for each wall/area, indicating capacities and dimensions.

Vinicase can be installed anywhere - against a wall, freestanding in the middle of a room, under a staircase, etc. It requires no fixing, as the sheer weight of the bins ensures a secure, safe structure.

Download the Vinicase installation instructions (pdf 46kb)


Stacking the bottles

bottle stackingThe wide range of single and double stacking arrangements for all types of bottles has greatly contributed to the success of Vinicase. The type of storage allows the wine label to be visible at all times. The bottles never protrude over the edge of the unit. The depth of the Vinicase allows the neck of the bottle to be positioned and overlapped at the centre of the rack, effectively protecting the narrow part of the bottle, which is especially sensitive to thermal shock from temperature variation. This method has been endorsed by all wine professionals.

Layout examples

Bin Capacity

Bin capacities can vary from 4 to 96 bottles, according to size, subdivision and type of bottle to be stored.

Approximate capacities (based on Bordeaux):
  Bin VB with no shelves: 92 bottles
  Bin VB with 1 shelf: 80 bottles
  Bin VB with 2 shelves: 69 bottles
  Bin VA with no shelves: 40 bottles
  Bin VA with 1 shelf: 30 bottles
  Bin VA with 2 shelves: 21 bottles

Capacity and management of wine bottles

Vinicase is a storage system that allows for the best management of your wine cellar. The racks can accommodate all types of bottle. Half bottles, magnums and champagne can be stored without protruding from the rack. The three different heights of vault can be further divided with horizontal, totally removable, shelves.


All elements are 430mm deep and 60mm thick; the first column will be 455mm wide, and further columns will add 395mm to the width. Element VA is 485mm high; element VB is 970mm high.

If you provide us with your measurements we will design your cellar.


Vinicase is easy to construct and dismantle. The system, consisting of fourteen different elements, offers perfect stability and can be assembled without glue or cement. The versatility of vinicase allows you to plan the layout of your own wine cellar. By measuring the dimensions of the area to be utilised you can easily assemble the Vinicase components according to your own requirements.

We can also help you to design your Vinicase cellar, free of charge: just send us the dimensions of your cellar, the number of bottles you would like to store, and the divisions you are interested in having.

All installations must start with Elements (AB) bottom corner right or (ABC) bottom corner right small and the construction continues along to the left with bottom plates (EB) and up the right side with right side wall (ME) or right side wall small (MEC).

Modules are added to suit your own personal requirements and can consist of (VC) small bins, (VA) low bins, (VB) high bins or (DVC & PR) which is a 7 bottle angled display module.

Shelves (TA) can then be added where required and there are also accessories such as low & high lockable gates, label and bottle holders.

Click here for an animated view of construction.

Diagram of units Elements of units

Price List
(Weights matter as they affect onward delivery charges)
Description Item Price
Inclusive of VAT
weight per
AB Bottom corner right £64.50 45 Kg
ABC Bottom corner right small £52.50 42 Kg
EB Bottom plate £46.25 20 Kg
ME Right side wall £46.25 24 Kg
MEC Right side wall - small £37.95 16 Kg
VA Low bin £70.25 45 Kg
VB High bin £100.50 65 Kg
VC Small bin £51.25 33 Kg
DVC Double small bin £107.95 50 Kg
PR Display 7 Bottles £107.95 42 Kg
TA Shelf £17.25 8 Kg
CA Cover plate £5.95 1 Kg
GA Low Gate £178.50 4 Kg
GB High gate £206.75 8 Kg
P-et label Holder £7.25  
P-bout Bottle Holder £16.50  
To the calculation above we need to add onward delivery costs to your property. Delivery costs are based on the number of pallets to be delivered with each pallet taking approximately 550Kg's of Vinicase modules.

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